Praise From North Star Coaching Clients…

“I felt like I was at a standstill in my life and Jason helped to give me the push forward I needed. He is truly an inspiration.”

Tonya R. – Los Angeles, CA

“Jason truly has a gift. I would highly recommend him to anyone!”

Sheryl F. – New York, NY

“Jason changed how I think. His assignments allowed me the opportunity to try 
new things and to realize that I make a lot more choices than I thought. Bottom
line: I’m living again because of him. I learned more about who I am and what I
 believe, thanks to our sessions. I try to make an effort now and if it doesn’t 
work, I try a new way. I’m no longer as scared to put myself out there, 
regardless if it’s about dating or about moving forward with my nonprofit. He’s
 made a huge difference in my life.”

Beth R. – Edison, NJ

Jason is a man of integrity and dependability and has coached me to
 grow significantly over the last couple of years.”

Victor N. – Jersey City, NJ

“Jason has a natural grace of understanding and kindness that makes one feel 
comfortable almost instantly. He truly cares and is deeply committed to getting 
you what you need.”

Olivia C. – Dallas TX

"Jason is the real deal!”

Matthew D. – New York, NY

"To see Weberman in action, speaking before a group, is to see a man who has
 achieved his own personal transformation. He’s personable, confident, and 
enthusiastic about helping people."

Dan Breau – Reporter for the Springfield Patch

“Working with Jason was an amazing experience on so many levels; I increased my income, I enhanced the quality of my relationships and I made positive changes with lifelong benefits. Jason’s integrity, sense of humor and professionalism created a safe place for tremendous personal and professional growth.”

Liz H. – Atlanta, GA

What you gave me is a truly life-changing gift. Always know and remember what a 
huge difference you made in my life and the lives of four other people. Thank 
you for everything.”

Stephanie W. – New York, NY

“I want to acknowledge the time and effort you have given in taking a bold stand 
for me. You have made a profound impact on my life. Thank you for caring so much 
about me.“

Michael L. – New York, NY

“Thank you for standing for me especially when I couldn’t stand for myself. Thank you for being my coach and not my friend. Actually, let me correct that last one. Thank you for being a coach when I needed a coach and thank you for being a friend when I needed a friend. It has been my honor to know you. Endless gratitude."

Emily Q. – New York, NY

“Through your dedication and commitment, I saw a reflection of myself, and who I
 am being in life. Your words resonate deeply in me when I am faced with
 commitment and diligence. Your perseverance inspired me to be in action and to
 be present to myself and others. Through my breakdowns you so helped me see my 
breakthroughs and I so appreciate that because I can apply this awareness to
 anything I do in life. Thank you for being you.”

Katya S. – New York, NY

“Thank you for being a stand, when I was sure you’d sit. Thank you for being 
patient, when I was totally confronted. Thank you for being generous, when I was 
ready to quit. And thank you for being my coach and keeping all my candles lit.”

Maria S. – New York, NY

“Jason has a gift that has led him to being a Relationship Coach. His intuitive, 
empathetic nature gives him an understanding of every individual he works with.
 He is warm in nature and easy to speak to. He has an ability to let you know 
that he is listening as well as being understood. Something most people today
 don’t have. I highly recommend Jason as a Coach.”

Mari M. – Roseland, NJ

About North Star Coaching

This country has a divorce rate of about 50%. As hard as it might seem to get into a good relationship, trust me, it’s harder to get out of a bad one. That’s why what I do is so important. I am dedicated to helping women get it right the first time. You’re here because you want to have a better life through a strong, loving relationship. Coach with me and I will show you the way.

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