Dating Action Plan Package

(Four 45 minute sessions)

Have you ever invested your time and energy in a relationship only to discover that you made a big mistake? If you’ve ever experienced a breakup or divorce then you know how painful it can be.

What if you could get it right the next time? If that sounds appealing then this package is for you. The Dating Action Plan Package is designed to help you:

* Understand who you are meant to be with and how you can find them
* Customize a dating plan that gives you actionable steps towards finding your perfect match
* Build an online profile that attracts the right men while filtering out the duds.

Package cost: $649

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This country has a divorce rate of about 50%. As hard as it might seem to get into a good relationship, trust me, it’s harder to get out of a bad one. That’s why what I do is so important. I am dedicated to helping women get it right the first time. You’re here because you want to have a better life through a strong, loving relationship. Coach with me and I will show you the way.

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