Anti-Valentine’s Day

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Who likes Valentine’s Day? Not me! That might be surprising due to the fact that I’m a Dating and Relationship Expert. This ‘holiday’ brings up feelings of neglect, loneliness, pressure and upset. Yes, if you are in a loving relationship …

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Dating Patterns – Why You Keep Dating The Wrong People


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3 Reasons Why Taking Dating Advice from Friends Doesn’t Work

Consoling Friend

1)      They’re Not Professionals You’re close with your friends. They’ve been with you through thick and thin. However they do not have the training or knowledge you need when it comes to the matters of your heart. Taking advice from …

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Why You Can’t Get Over Your Last Relationship


“Lisa” came to coaching because she was still trying to get over a relationship that had ended several months earlier. After dating “Josh” for a couple of months, she was blind-sided when, over dinner one night, he delivered the dreaded …

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WARNING: Doing the Dishes Might Lead to Sex!

WARNING Doing the Dishes Might Lead to Sex

That’s right, all men out there that are in relationships who do not want to have sex… DO NOT DO THE DISHES!!! There is a direct correlation to doing housework and getting laid. You don’t believe me? Go ahead, I …

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What You Need To Know To Find Your Perfect Match


As cave people our needs were simple. We slept, hunted, ate, pooped and had sex (not necessarily in that order). Life wasn’t too confusing. Sexual attraction was an innate instinct, imperative for the survival and propagation of our species. We …

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Top Dating Rules for Women

top dating rules for women2

If you’ve been “out there” for a while then you probably realized how frustrating the dating world can be. There are an overwhelming amount of articles and books that tell you how you should go about dating, and you’ve even tried some of these rules out. But you’re

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Being A Bitch Just Ain’t Sexy

Being a Bitch Ain't Sexy copy

‘Natasha’ came to me because she was great at finding all the wrong men. When she first walked into my office, she sat on my couch, folded her arms close to her chest and crossed her legs. Besides listening to …

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How To Start Dating Again After a Break-up or Divorce


Going from married to divorced can be one of the toughest events a person can ever go through. There are a lot of raw emotions flying around and you never know when or where they are going to land. The …

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