Are You Ready to Date?

This is a question that most people don’t think about while dating but it is a poignant one. If someone was going to run in a marathon wouldn’t you expect them to train for months and months before the race? If you were going to operate on someone wouldn’t it be necessary for you to get the proper credentials indicating years and years of studying and experience? So why do most people feel that they should be able to meet their perfect match without putting in the effort to be the best person they can possibly be?

It’s so important to look at yourself and figure out who you are before putting yourself out on the market. If I were to take the majority of people in the dating world and put them on a shelf to be sold, they would look like a dented tin can with no label or expiration date. My point is simple: you need to train hard, learn about yourself and constantly work towards personal growth.

Over the next few blogs I will be giving you tips on how to improve yourself so you are ready to attract the perfect person for you:

Get Your S#@! Together!

This is a great exercise for getting you into tip-top shape for your future mate. After doing this exercise for a while you will start to gain confidence in yourself and your abilities. Trust me, there is nothing sexier than someone who has it together.

Okay, so let’s get to it! Take a piece of paper and draw two columns. In the first column write “Achievements” at the top. In the second column write “needs work” as the column header. Under “achievements” leave 5 spaces open and in the needs work column leave 3 spaces. Everyday you will write down five achievements that you have accomplished. Under the “needs work” column write down 3 things you would like to work on so that you can eventually put it under the achievements column. Here’s a sample on how it should look:


  • Went to the gym
  • Wrote 3 blogs
  • Didn’t bite my nails
  • Called my mother
  • Volunteered at a soup kitchen

Need Works

  • Skipped lunch and had a candy bar
  • Drank 3 cups of coffee
  • Only got 5 hours of sleep

You might find that you end up switching certain items back and forth between the two columns. That’s perfectly normal and don’t beat yourself up if you slip back into the “needs work” column. The point is you want to keep working on yourself so the ‘Needs Work’ items eventually become regular guests of the achievements column. Once you see that the same item keeps appearing in the ‘achievements’ column regularly you can congratulate yourself for developing a good habit and start working on some more of those pesky “needs work” items.

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