Anti-Valentine’s Day

Who likes Valentine’s Day? Not me! That might be surprising due to the fact that I’m a Dating and Relationship Expert. This ‘holiday’ brings up feelings of neglect, loneliness, pressure and upset. Yes, if you are in a loving relationship then you might just use Valentine’s Day as just another excuse to be romantic. However, if you’re single then it can be an unwanted reminder that you don’t have a significant other. Or if you’re in an unsteady relationship where your partner forgets or just does the bare minimum it can leave you feeling disappointed and upset.

What Valentine’s Day does is shine a big spotlight on people’s sore spots.

Valentine’s Day is a consumer holiday created by corporations to sell flowers, chocolate and greeting cards. The idea of creating something special for your loved one is beautiful, but it should be a year round way of being, not a one time obligation. In my relationship with my wife I do something special for her everyday whether it’s cooking a romantic dinner or simply saying ‘I love you’. If you’re in a secure relationship then the need to have one day a year be so significant becomes insignificant because love and romance is ever present. Leave the special celebration to your anniversary where the day actually represents something meaningful in your life.

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